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The geometrisation conjecture was proposed by William Thurston in the mid s in order to classify compact 3-manifolds by means of a.
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Per97 and. Perelman , Construction of manifolds of positive Ricci curvature with big volume and large Betti numbers , Comparison geometry , pp. Per02 and. Perelman , The entropy formula for the Ricci flow and its geometric applications. ArXiv Mathematics e-prints , Per03 and. Skip to content. Abstract In this paper we prove that the moduli space of metrics with positive scalar curvature of an orientable compact three-manifold is path-connected.

Bartnik and J. Besson, M. Boileau, S. Maillot, and J. Porti, "Collapsing irreducible 3-manifolds with nontrivial fundamental group," Invent. Besson, S. Maillot, M. Boileau, and J. Botvinnik and P. Gilkey, "Metrics of positive scalar curvature on spherical space forms," Canad.

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Cao and X. Carr, "Construction of manifolds of positive scalar curvature," Trans. Chen, P. Lu, and G. Tian, "A note on uniformization of Riemann surfaces by Ricci flow," Proc. Differential Geom. Colding and W. Minicozzi II, "Estimates for the extinction time for the Ricci flow on certain 3-manifolds and a question of Perelman," J. GT , math. Bill Thurston , who made fundamental contributions to our understanding of low-dimensional manifolds and related structures, died on Tuesday , aged This difficult theorem connecting the topological and geometric structure of 3-manifolds led Thurston to give his influential geometrisation conjecture , which in principle, at least completely classifies the topology of an arbitrary compact 3-manifold as a combination of eight model geometries now known as Thurston model geometries.


In addition to his direct mathematical research contributions, Thurston was also an amazing mathematical expositor, having the rare knack of being able to describe the process of mathematical thinking in addition to the results of that process and the intuition underlying it. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet Thurston in person although we did correspond a few times online , but I know many mathematicians who have been profoundly influenced by him and his work. His death is a great loss for mathematics. AT , math.

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DG , math. GT Tags: 3-manifolds , geometrization conjecture , Poincare conjecture , spherical space form , surgery by Terence Tao 16 comments. Theorem 1.

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Then M is homeomorphic to a 3-sphere. I will take it for granted that this result is of interest, but you can read the Notices article of Milnor , the Bulletin article of Morgan , or the Clay Mathematical Institute description of the problem also by Milnor for background and motivation for this conjecture. On the other hand, the geometrisation conjecture will be rather visibly lurking beneath the surface in the discussion of this lecture.

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    At the risk of belaboring the obvious, here is the statement of that conjecture: Theorem 1. What is good mathematics? Why global regularity for Navier-Stokes is hard.